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2/ The ‘Salon’ - An Original Name

Referred to as an ‘exhibition’ since its founding, this fine-arts event became known as the ‘Sallon’ in 1725, when it was held in the ‘Sallon carré du Louvre’. Over time, its spelling would change from ‘Sallon’ to ‘Salon’.

In 1881, the Société des Artistes Français, which had been entrusted with the task of managing and organizing the Salon, was successful in preserving and protecting its name. Two breakaway events—‘Les Indépendants’ in 1884 and ‘L’Automne’ in 1903—had both attempted to appropriate the name.

Following the protests of certain exhibitors which would lead to the first dissidents in 1863, the ‘Salon des Refusés’ was created. All the while rejecting the Jury and what they saw as its classical or academic taste, these protestors still sought to make use of the name ‘Salon’ for their own exhibition as they considered it to be imbued with a certain air of prestige.

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