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The Association des Artistes Français

The association is made up of members (Sociétaires) of the Société des Artistes, of French nationality, and associate members, of foreign nationality.

The Société is run by a Committee of 60 members elected by the Sociétaires for a term of three years by direct universal suffrage in a secret ballot. Voting is generally done by post.
This Committee is fully changed every three years. However, outgoing committee members can be re-elected.

Every year, the Committee elects by secret ballot from amongst the members present: a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Recording secretary (and editor of the newsletter ‘La Lettre de Liaison’), a Treasurer, an Archivist and a Multimedia Officer, as well as the President of each section, forming the Committee. All members can be re-elected.

Members of the Board 2019

President Martine DELALEUF
Vice-Presidents Francis BELLANGER
Stéphane SANTI
Recording secretary Edith LAFAY
Tresasurer Bruno MADELAINE
President of the section Peinture Alain BAZARD
President of the section Sculpture Jean-Pierre GENDIS
President of the section Gravure Guy BRAUN
President of the section Photographie Sylvain HARIVEL
President of the section Architecture Martine DELALEUF
Archivist Simon BOHBOT


Presidents of the Socciété since 1881  
Bailly Antoine-Nicolas Architect
Bonnat Léon Painter
Detaille Edouard Painter
Laurens Jean Paul Painter
Bouguereau William Painter
Robert-Fleury Tony Painter
Nenot Paul Architect
Laloux Victor Architect
Mercié Antonin Sculptor
Flameng François Painter
Laloux Victor Architect
Coutan Jules Sculptor
Nenot Paul Architect
Chabas Paul Painter
Defrasse Alphonse Architect
Tournaire Joseph Architect
Bouchard Louis-Henri Sculptor
Tournaire Joseph Architect
Formigé Jean Architect
Labro Georges Architect
Goulinat Jean-Gabriel Painter
Cheyssial Georges Painter
Muguet Georges Sculptor
Ambille Paul Painter
d’Hauterives Arnaud Painter
Zacchi Jean-Marie Painter
Campistron Jean Painter
Zig-Tribouilloy Engraver
Billet Christian Painter
Guybet Viviane Sculptor
Delaleuf Martine Architect